About us

Live your precious carefree moments with the guarantee of Panicos S. Stylianou

Panicos S. Stylianou Ltd was formed in 1988 and has since been producing: pergolas, timber fencing, roofing constructions, kitchen designer, wooden decorations and more, servicing the Cyprus public in an island wide range.

We started with the construction of our modern privately owned installation in 1999 and we continued with equipping the facilities with the best possible technology around and the best human resources and the journey to perfection still continues………

For those interested in any kind of collaboration with Panicos S. Stylianou Ltd please don’t hesitate to contact us either through phone or email. We will listen carefully every suggestion.

carpenter working with plane and wood at workshop
Our loving team

Our team of CRAFTSMAN

Our work force is one of the main and more decisive factors in the growth of Panicos S. Stylianou Ltd. The never ending research for the best result in the production process and the promotion of our products is based on the constant education and specialization of our human resource in every sector.